2014 Workshop Descriptions

504 Lending Topics
Presented by your Certified Development Companies
Long-term, fixed-rate capital asset financing.  Learn an overview of the SBA 504 program including eligibility requirements, project structure, and loan limits.  Help your best customers save money and conserve capital while you are protected with a 50% loan to value.

Advanced Lender – Parts 1 and 2
Presented by Jane Butler, Executive Vice President, National Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders
A two-session program focused on the finer details of SBA’s loan programs.  Designed to be an interactive discussion, lenders can go beyond the basics and address more complex issues, new programs and changes to policy.

SBA Basics and Loan Packaging
Presented by SBA Lender Relations Staff (Loan Guaranty Processing Center invited)
An overview of SBA financing programs from start to finish, including eligibility, structure and application.  Perfect for lenders new to SBA or as a refresher for those experienced. SBA’s new application process will be discussed.

1502 Reporting
Presented by Victor Cruz, Sr. Client Representative, Colson ServicesThis monthly report is required of all SBA lenders.  Colson Services has been the long time stewards of this process for SBA and will cover proper completion and submission of this report.  Two sessions available.

Closing the SBA Loan
Presented by Kathy Zelenock, Esq. and Ben Dougherty, Esq., Dickinson Wright PLLC
Protect your guaranty by closing your loan in accordance with SBA’s rules.  Required forms, documents and due diligence will be discussed.

Lender Oversight and Audits
Presented by  Lisa Preston (The Preston Group)Are you audit ready?  Know when to expect an SBA onsite review and what it entails.  The Lender Portal and desk reviews will also be discussed.

Lending to Franchises
Presented by Stephen J. Olear, Chief Franchise and District Counsel, and Edith Wiseman, FrandataFranchise, dealer and jobber agreements need to meet SBA guidelines.  Learn about navigating the Franchise Registry and the documents you’ll need to close your loan.

Liquidation Part 1 and 2
Presented by SBA National Guaranty Processing CenterAt the heart of SBA lending is our loan guaranty.  But presenting loan for purchase can challenging.  Session 1 will focus on the Basics of liquidation and is perfect for the newer SBA lender.  Session 2 will be for the Advanced lender and will cover more in depth issues.

Recognizing & Preventing Loan Fraud
Presented by Tamara Morgan, Special Agent Office of Inspector General
Before and after loan approval, accurate documentation and due diligence ensure that all closing requirements are met and loan fraud is prevented.  Emphasis is on real life examples.

SBA Environmental Policy
Presented by Stephen J. Olear, Chief Franchise and District Counsel and Chair of the environmental Review BoardKeep it clean!  Learn how to handle an environmental issue on your loan, and SBA’s mitigating factors.

Secondary Market
Increase profitability and liquidity for your bank!  Learn the basics of selling SBA guaranteed loans on the secondary market.  Session will cover pricing, mechanics, documentation, etc.

Servicing the SBA Loan
Presented by SBA Lender Relations Staff (SBA Fresno Service Center invited)Lenders must use “reasonable care” and act as “prudent lenders” in servicing SBA loans. Learn SBA’s requirements, lender’s unilateral authority, notification and approval requirements and how to submit a servicing request.

USDA Rural Development & MEDC Financing Programs
Presented by Traci Smith, Director, USDA Rural Development Business Programs and Chris Cook, Capital Markets Development Associate, MEDCStates and other Federal agencies offer lending alternatives for small businesses.  Learn about USDA’s Business and Industry (B&I) Guaranteed Loan Program and MEDC’s Loan Participation, Collateral Support and Capital Access Programs.

Presented by Jane Butler, Executive Vice President, National Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders7(a) lending is not just term loans.  Provide up to $5,000,000 in revolving debt with this programs.  Working Capital, Contracting, Seasonal and Builders lines are available.

Origination FAQs
Presented by SBA Lender Relations Staff (Loan Guaranty Processing Center invited)A discussion of common topics such as change of ownership, debt refinancing, Eligible Passive Companies, and more.  Learn the nuances within the SOP for these frequent questions.

Lending in a Global Market
Presented by John O’Gara,SBA Trade Finance Specialist and US Commerce Dept.Exporting – The Final Frontier!  Take a proactive approach to growing your client’s business.  Did you know the Dept of Commerce can help you client expand into global markets by arranging face to face appointments with potential buyers?  Did you know these trade missions can be paid for by U.S. federal programs?  Did you know you can cover your lending risk with a 90% guarantee?

Construction Lending
Presented by Mark Zietlow & Associates
A lender must take “all safeguards appropriate” when SBA loans are used for construction financing. This presentation will highlight lender best practices for construction loans involving SBA programs. Discussion will be focused on meeting requirements for construction contracts, ensuring conformance with construction plans, documenting evidence that the completed building will meet all necessary codes and permits requirements, complying with bonding requirements, obtaining lien waivers or releases, dealing with cost overruns, and other construction problems. Lender liability updates involving construction financing will be noted.
SBA File Organization. Why It’s Important
Presented by Lisa Preston (The Preston Group)
The session will focus on best practices for SBA loan file initial creation and organization.  Focus will be placed on application, underwriting, closing, servicing and intensive servicing areas   We will also discuss why file organization is extremely important not only for guaranty purchase preservation but also for internal controls and OCRM risk based reviews.

Creating your SBA Department Panel – Best practices and lessons from successful lenders
Presented by a Lender PanelA peer to peer roundtable from successful SBA practitioners like yourself.  This presentation highlights choice SBA lender leaders and their experiences. Come listen, ask your questions and share your experience.

Alternatives to Traditional Lending
Presented by Matt Dekutoski, Crestmark Bank
What do you do when the deal does not fit your credit box? Alternative lending solutions to various asset categories and structure exist in the senior debt and junior debt world that had been previously unavailable to the small-to-medium (SME) business. These alternative solutions can lead to relationships for you today and loans outstanding in the future. What, who and where are these solutions will be part of this session.