2015 Workshop Descriptions

504 Lending

Presented by your Certified Development Companies
Long-term, fixed-rate capital asset financing. Learn an overview of the SBA 504 program including eligibility requirements, project structure, and loan limits. Help your best customers save money and conserve capital while you are protected with a 50% loan to value.

Business Valuation

Presented by Neal Patel, Reliant Business Valuations

A business valuation is often required when financing a change in ownership. This session will cover the SBA’s rules and requirements and also include two real-life case studies teaching attendees how to arrive at a rule of thumb value.

Business Credit Reports

Presented by Debbie Golbach, Business Credit Reports

How do you Report SBA Loans to the Business Credit Bureaus?

Since the publication of the SOP 50 57 (technical corrections) in April 2013, it has been clear that SBA lenders must report on their loans on at least a quarterly basis to a commercial credit bureau.  SBA published a Notice with some details in December 2014; however lenders still have many questions on how exactly to accomplish this reporting taskDebbie Golbach (Business Credit Reports) will guide you through the process from a practical standpoint.


Presented by National Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders (NAGGL)

7(a) lending offers more than just term loans. Provide up to $5,000,000 in revolving debt with these programs: Working Capital, Contracting, Seasonal and Builders lines are available.

Franchise Financing

Presented by Edith Wiseman, FranData

Franchise, dealer and jobber agreements need to meet SBA guidelines. Learn about navigating the Franchise Registry and the documents you’ll need to close your loan.

Lender Oversight

Presented by Lisa Preston, The Preston Group

Are you audit ready? Know when to expect an SBA onsite review and what it entails. The Lender Portal, PARIS reviews and desk reviews will be discussed.


Presented by National Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders (NAGGL)

Learn how to protect your guaranty and navigate the liquidation process. Best practices on how to interact with Herndon will be covered.

Loan Guaranty Processing Center (LGPC) FAQs

Presented by Greg Prichard, Deputy Director for the LGPC

Quality loan submissions are paramount for timely approval. This session will cover top screen-out reasons, and pitfalls to avoid. Learn about new changes that have empowered lenders to make certain loan modifications themselves, speeding up the approval process.

Loan Fraud: Recognizing & Preventing It

Presented by Tamara Morgan, Special Agent for the SBA’s Office of Inspector General and Richard Pasiak, Attorney for the SBA’s Office of General Counsel

Before and after loan approval, accurate documentation and due diligence ensure that all closing requirements are met and loan fraud is prevented. This session will highlight real life examples and how they could have been prevented.

LSP Best Practices

Presented by Ethan Smith, Starfield & Smith and Kerri Agee, Bancserv

Lender Service Providers (LSPs) can help you process and package your SBA loans. This session will cover best practices used by LSPs in carrying out lender functions related to SBA business loans from origination to liquidation.

MEDC – State Loan Programs

Chris Cook, Capital Markets Development Associate, MEDC

This session will cover the State of Michigan’s loan programs such as the MEDC’s Loan Participation, Collateral Support and Capital Access Programs.

Risk Capital

Presented by SBA Lender Relations Staff

The SBA guaranty has a profound effect on capital allocation and on your financial institution’s balance sheet. See how SBA can help leverage profits and liquidity at you bank.

SBA to Z- Part I

Presented by SBA Lender Relations Staff

An overview of SBA 7(a) programs including eligibility, structure and credit underwriting. Perfect for lenders new to SBA, low volume lenders or as a refresher for those who are experienced. Plan to attend Part II.

SBA to Z- Part II

Presented by SBA Lender Relations Staff

Continued discussion from Part I. In this session, SBA’s credit scoring and application process will be discussed.

SBA File Management. Why It’s Important

Presented by Lisa Preston (The Preston Group)

The session will focus on best practices for SBA loan file initial creation and organization. Focus will be placed on application, underwriting, closing, servicing and intensive servicing areas. The session will also highlight why file organization is extremely important not only for guaranty purchase preservation but also for internal controls and OCRM risk based reviews.

Servicing the SBA Loan

Presented by Ray Kulina, Fresno Servicing

Lenders must use “reasonable care” and act as “prudent lenders” in servicing SBA loans. Topics will include SBA regulations, lender’s unilateral authority, and notification and approval requirements. This session will also discuss how to submit a servicing request.

Servicing FAQs

Presented by Ray Kulina, Fresno Servicing Center

This session will address the most common errors and issues seen by the Servicing Center that can put your guaranty at risk.

SOP 50 57 Monitoring Requirements

Presented by Ethan Smith, Starfield & Smith

Lenders are responsible for monitoring each SBA loan in their portfolio. This session will cover requirements, timing and process to remain compliant and protect your guaranty.

USDA & Export Financing Programs

Presented by Lisa Epple, USDA Rural Development Business Programs and John O’Gara, SBA US Export Assistance Center

Federal agencies offer lending alternatives for small businesses. Learn about USDA’s Business and Industry (B&I) Guaranteed Loan Program and the SBA’s Export Working Capital Program (EWCP), Export Express, and the International Trade Loan Program