Peter Gibbs


Peter Gibbs

Office of Surety Guarantees Director, U.S. Small Business Administration

Peter C. Gibbs is the Director for the Office of Surety Guarantees (OSG) at the US Small Business Administration (SBA) Headquarters in Washington, DC where he manages a staff of over 25 professionals at the organization’s headquarters and regional offices in Denver, CO and Seattle, WA.

Mr. Gibbs joined OSG in 2005 and is responsible for developing and recommending policies and procedures, guidelines and criteria for evaluating and mitigating all programs and operation efforts; including those governing the regional office. In addition to operations and personnel management, Peter works closely with Surety Companies who provide over $9 billion annually in surety bond credit to small businesses throughout the United States.
Mr. Gibbs is responsible for establishing federal partnerships with some of the largest Surety Companies in the world, including Cincinnati Insurance Company, QBE Insurance, International Fidelity Insurance Company (IFIC), Nationwide Mutual Insurance Insurance Company, Market Insurance Company, The Hartford and Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. These partnerships were instrumental in $ billions awarded to small and emerging businesses in the US economy.

Prior to joining OSG, Mr. Gibbs worked in the SBA Investment Division for over 14 years in the Office of New Markets Venture Capital and the Rural Business Investment Program. Beginning as a Senior Program Analyst, he rose through the ranks to Deputy Director and successfully launched the New Markets Venture Capital Program (NMVCP) from inception to fruition; establishing and implementing policies, regulations, and evaluation procedures. The New Markets Venture Capital Program is designed to promote economic development and the creation of wealth and job opportunities in low-income geographic areas and among individuals living in such areas. His primary charge was to evaluate private venture capital management teams to determine their eligibility for $180 million in debenture and grant funding.

Also a military veteran, Gibbs served over 27 years in the United States Army after receiving his commission from Central State University ROTC in 1984. He retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2011 and has served all over the world in various positions. Most recently in support of the War on Terror, he served 2 tours in the Middle East.

Peter received his Bachelor of Science in accounting from Central State University and a Masters of Entrepreneurship from Western Carolina University. Born in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies and raised in Brooklyn, New York, he now resides in Bowie, Maryland with his wife Nikeya, 5 daughters Nicole, Caitlyn and Courtney (twins) and Laila and Liana (twins).