Edith Wiseman

Edith Wiseman

President of FRANdata

Edith Wiseman, President of FRANdata

Edith Wiseman serves as President of FRANdata, a leading advisory and research firm that focuses on the franchise industry. As a more than 15 year veteran of FRANdata, Wiseman plays a pivotal leadership role in the strategic growth of the company’s performance advisory, strategic marketing and business intelligence solutions– a culmination of her work with hundreds of franchisors, Fortune 500 companies, and industry experts. She strongly believes that FRANdata’s proprietary databases, braintrust, and best-in-class analytics raises the bar for strategic planning and performance measurement within the franchising industry.

Highlighted in Franchise Times magazine as a rising star in franchising, Wiseman has long been a key figure in understanding and promoting business model excellence and franchise finance best practices.  Wiseman sits on the International Franchise Association’s (IFA) Supplier Forum Board as well as the Franchise Education & Research Foundation Board.  She remains a strong advocate for emerging brands through her work with the Emerging Franchisor Conference Committee, and the Emerging Franchisor Task Force. Wiseman is also an active member of the America West Lenders Conference Committee.

Breakout Session 6: Top Problems that Emerging Franchisers Face that Affect You as the Lendor


Arm yourself with key insights on common franchiser traits and problems that can directly affect your loan. Edith Wiseman, President of FRANdata will walk through actual franchise case studies and methods you can use to predict a franchise’s long term viability.